High frequency IGBT Module
High frequency IGBT Module

Product Introduction
1.The high frequency series IGBT modules mainly have two types of package, including C1 (34mm) and C2 (62mm);
2.VCES =1200V,IC= 40A~300A;
3.Mainly used in high frequency applications such as industrial welding machines, induction heating, induction cookers, etc.;
4.The high frequency IGBT modules and other market mainstream products are completely pin to pin alternatives;
5.Environmentally friendly complying with RoHS standards;

Product Advantage
2.Low turn-off loss, suitable for high frequency applications;
3.Freewheeling diode with ultra-fast and soft recovery characteristics;
4.With high short-circuit support current capability (above 10us);
5.Using the insulating bottom plate of DBC structure;

New products Announcement
High frequency IGBT Module Specification

MG40HF12LEC1 Rev.1.0, 20-Sep-20 MG50HF12LEC1 Rev.1.0 MG75HF12LEC1 Rev.1.0 MG100HF12LEC1 Rev.1.0

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